Best Snowboards Under $200

If you are less experienced or have a stricter budget, you should consider shopping for the best snowboards under $200 to save money to get you started.

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If you are less experienced or have a stricter budget, you should consider shopping for the best snowboards under $200 to save money to get you started.

It's not necessary to spend a fortune on a snowboard, especially if you're new to the sport or just want to get out and enjoy it without spending too much money. This is why finding lower-priced options are so important so you can still enjoy the sport without breaking the bank.

Finding reliable snowboards under $200 is not an easy task. We recommend the Camp Seven 2022 Valdez Snowboard, Symbolic Freedom Snowboard, and Evol Mountain Men's Snowboard to get you started. These are the three best picks because of their durability and excellent performance capabilities.

The first thing to consider is your skill level and what kind of terrain you will be riding on. For example, if you are just starting or want something for less intense terrain, then there are plenty of good options for boards under $200 that will still provide a good experience. This guide will show you all of these good snowboards to consider.

When we test snowboards, the key is to understand what the customer values most from a snowboard at this price point. In this case, it is durability, ease of use, and board control capabilities. This is why we chose the snowboards below.

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6 Best Snowboards Under $200

Snowboards are an important piece of equipment for winter sports enthusiasts. They are used to provide traction on snow and ice and to make it easier to get on top of the snow.

A good snowboard is not cheap, but there are some cheaper models that offer a great experience for less money. And if you're on a budget, there's no need to worry because I've found the best snowboards under $200 that will provide you with all the features you need while still staying within your budget.

They are all made of a durable material that is perfect for beginners because they won’t break easily when you fall or crash. They also have a great flex pattern that allows you to get comfortable riding on the board with ease.

We have created this guide to help you find the best snowboards under $200. This allows people to get into snowboarding and continue to increase their performance without breaking the bank.

1. Camp Seven 2022 Valdez Snowboard

Camp Seven 2022 Valdez Snowboard

The Camp Seven 2022 Valdez Snowboard is a great snowboard for beginners who want to learn how to snowboard. This board is perfect for those who want to take their skills up a notch and improve them by adding some tricks to their routine.

It also has a high-quality construction that makes it durable and long-lasting, which means that you will get your money's worth from this board. It has many features and benefits that make it worth every penny spent on it.

This board also provides great features such as the flat base, which increases stability while riding on uneven terrain. The soft flexing core with a multi-directional fiberglass laminate makes the board extremely precise too.

This is an all-mountain snowboard with a full rocker profile and mild camber design. It also comes with a 3-year warranty to keep you protected from any damages that may occur during use.

2. Symbolic Freedom Snowboard

Symbolic Freedom Snowboard
Symbolic Freedom Snowboard

The Symbolic Freedom Snowboard is a snowboard with high-end features that will make you shred like never before. It has a special grip which makes it easier to control the board when catching faster speeds.

This board also has a unique design which makes it easier for beginners to learn how to ride the snowboard. It also has an amazing wood core design so you can show off your style while riding it.

It also has a directional shape which helps with turning and carving. It has an asymmetrical shape which helps with stability and going fast. The board is also very lightweight which makes it easier to carry around and use.

This is a top-of-the-line all-mountain snowboard for the true rider. It has a new and improved design that will give you more control over your board, making it easier to turn.

3. Evol Mountain Men's Snowboard

Evol Mountain Men's Snowboard
Evol Mountain Men's Snowboard

The Evol Mountain Men's Snowboard is a perfect board for beginners. It has a twin shape and a high-quality top sheet that makes it durable and lightweight. The board is soft enough to be easy to control and it has excellent edge control.

This is one of the best beginner snowboards on the market, with features that make it easy for beginners to learn how to ride their first board. It is perfect to learn how to start turning and carving with precision too.

This is a board that will last you through the years, thanks to its durable materials. It has a strong flex pattern which makes it perfect for beginner to intermediate riders.

The board was designed with the rider in mind and can be used by both men and women alike, making it versatile in its design. The medium flex also gives incredible balance for different riding styles.

4. SportsStuff Snow Ryder PRO Snowboard

SportsStuff Snow Ryder PRO Snowboard
SportsStuff Snow Ryder PRO Snowboard

The SportsStuff Snow Ryder PRO Snowboard is a great board for beginners. It is made of durable materials and has a design that will appeal to younger riders and adults. It is the perfect option to get started with too.

The board is made of durable plastic and has a design that appeals to kids and adults alike, with bright colors for children, but also safety features for excellent handling and board control.


The board is made from a durable material that will last you for many seasons of riding. The board has a great grip on the surface, which makes it easier to control your speed and keep your balance.

This board is perfect for beginners as it has a forgiving flex and comes with bindings, which are easy to use. It also has good stability, which makes it perfect for riding on groomed terrain.

5. Symbolic Arctic Youth 2022 Snowboard

Symbolic Arctic Youth 2022 Snowboard

The Symbolic Arctic Youth 2022 Snowboard is an excellent snowboard for kids. It is designed to be perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike. It has a wood core which provides stability and control. It also has a good weight distribution that makes it easy to control the board in turns.

It has a forgiving flex which makes it easier to catch air when doing tricks off jumps or rails. The board is also great for riding powder because of its lightweight. This snowboard comes with bindings that are easy to adjust and comfortable on your feet all day long.

It features a design that is specifically for children, and it is both safe and fun to use. It has a durable construction that will help children progress their skills quickly.

The rocker profile and stainless steel binding inserts are a great addition to the board too. This makes it perfect for children who are looking to get into snowboarding without worrying about their size or weight being too much of an issue.

6. Goplus Wood Snowboard

Goplus Wood Snowboard
Goplus Wood Snowboard

The Goplus Wood Snowboard has good quality, it's durable, and it's also affordable. It has a good performance on the slopes because of its good stability. The board is also lightweight which makes it easy to carry around.

This snowboard is a great option for beginners and kids. The board is made of poplar wood, which makes it lightweight and durable. It is also easy to transport and store because it can be folded.

The board has a unique design that will catch any eye. It is considered one of the lighter boards you will find and it also comes with 2 step-in binding inserts that fit tightly onto the board to optimize control and balance.

This board is also known to last for very long because of the design. It is best used by kids over 5 years old who are getting started with snowboarding.

Buying Guide For Snowboards Under $200

Snowboards are a great way to get into the sport of snowboarding. They are also a great way to keep the sport affordable. Snowboards under $200 are available for all skill levels, from beginner to expert.

There are many different brands of snowboards that have boards in this price range. This article will help you find the best snowboard for you and your budget by reviewing some of the best snowboards for under $200.

When shopping at this price point, you should consider these factors below to make sure you are finding the best possible option. You want a board that will last for a while and one that also suits your style best.

Snowboard Type

When shopping for snowboards, the first thing to consider is the snowboard type. There are three types of snowboards: a freestyle board, a park board, and a powder board.

Each type has different features that make them unique and better suited to certain riding styles. For example, freestyle boards are made for doing tricks on rails and boxes while park boards are made for doing tricks on rails and boxes in skateparks.

This price point has many options, but you will commonly see all-mountain boards for under $200 that provide the best bang for your buck.

Snowboard Size

The next factor you need to consider is what snowboard size will suit you best. This ultimately depends on your weight, height, riding style, and overall skill level. Finding the properly fitting board is the most important thing to do before buying your board.


The profile of a snowboard describes how the snowboard rides on the snow. It is the way the board curves at the bottom and it impacts the amount of edge control and carving capabilities you will have with a specific board.

You should determine exactly your style of snowboarding before determining the best fit. The two types of profiles are camber and rocker.

Camber will give you more edge control for carving. A rocker profile is better for turning and keeping you balanced on the surface.

Snowboard Shape

There are four primary snowboard shapes. These shapes are true twin, directional twin, directional, and tapered directional. The names may differ but these four remain the primary types.

Each snowboard shape is best for a specific style of rider based on skill level and experience. As a beginner, you should stick with a true twin or directional twin to get started because they provide the most balance and control.

Base Material

Most snowboards will either use an extruded base or a sintered base. The best type for you will depend on a few factors like your budget and skill level. The choice ultimately comes down to the board you like best.

Extruded bases tend to be the cheapest and most boards under $200 are using an extruded base. This will keep costs low and they are much easier to maintain for long periods compared to sintered bases


There are many different factors that one should consider when buying a snowboard, but one of the most important factors is flex. The flex is determined by how much pressure you put on the board, and it can determine how well your board will perform.

Stiffer flex means that you'll have more control over your movements but less maneuverability, while softer means that you'll have less control but more maneuverability.

Are Snowboards Under $200 Reliable?

Snowboards under $200 are not always reliable, but it is possible to find a good snowboard at this price point. The best way to find a reliable snowboard is by looking at the brand and features provided.

You will be able to learn and grow with the board and it will last you for years. On the other hand, if you are an experienced rider who just wants to buy a cheap snowboard for occasional use, there are plenty of options that should work just fine.

The key is to figure out exactly where you stand skill level and experience-wise. This will make it easier to shop for the right category of snowboard that will best suit you. It also makes it possible to find quality snowboards for under $200.

How Long Do Cheaper Snowboards Last?

The average snowboard can last for about 200 days of riding depending on how it is used. This is because snowboards are made from durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of being used every day.

The life expectancy of a snowboard depends on a lot of factors, such as the frequency of use, the type of snowboard, and the skill level of the rider. The more advanced the rider is, the shorter their board will last because they will be using it more often.

The lifespan of a snowboard depends on the frequency and intensity of use. A snowboard that is used every day will not last as long as one that is only used once a week.

There are many factors that affect the lifespan of a snowboard, but the most important ones are how often it is used and how intensely it is ridden. A snowboard that is ridden every day will not last as long as one that only gets ridden once a week.


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