December 22, 2021

Best Snowboards For Icy Conditions

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Scott Kimball


Are you looking for the best snowboards for icy conditions? Read on to discover snowboards that can help you ride on precarious icy surfaces with ease!

The best snowboards for icy conditions are Jones Solution Splitboard, Lib Tech Box Scratcher, and GNU Forest Bailey Head Space Snowboard. These snowboards have excellent chamber and rocker designs and sharp edges that ensure smooth maneuverability on icy surfaces.  

Snowboarding on ice is surely a challenging and dangerous task. However, the right snowboard can make this task a little less difficult and a lot safer. If you invest in the best snowboards for icy surfaces, you will benefit from specially designed edges that will cut the hard, slippery ice and turn it into powder for a smoother glide. Your board will also provide you with excellent maneuverability and stability while gliding on slippery slopes.

While it’s not easy to find the ideal snowboard for icy surfaces in a sea of similar-looking boards, I have used years of snowboarding experience to curate this list of the best snowboards for icy conditions!

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9 Top Snowboards for Icy Conditions

Here are the eight best snowboards for icy conditions:

Jones Solution Splitboard

The 2022 Jones Solution Splitboard is the ultimate all-terrain board that can easily carve icy surfaces. As the name suggests, you can split or separate Jones Solution Splitboard into two parts for traveling uphill or skiing. You can use the whole board to snowboard on icy surfaces. Plus, it comes with a three-year warranty!

The board features a hybrid rocker and camber design with the rocker tips raising its tail and nose to boost the overall maneuverability. It allows the board to offer an effortless glide to the user. The inner edges are Traction Tech 2.0. They turn ice into powder and let you have better control of your board without slipping. The edge control is unreal!

The Jones Solution Stiffboard has a stiff flex, allowing you to charge on all surfaces without wasting a lot of your energy. What’s more, this board is available in multiple sizes that you can choose from based on your preference. This board has an FSC Ultra Split Core, which essentially means it’s made up of paulownia with some specifically positioned poplar stingers to increase its durability and turning power.


  • Hybrid rocket and camber design offers excellent maneuverability
  • Traction Tech 2.0 edges turn ice into powder for gliding action
  • Multiple sizes
  • The core ensures stability and durability
  • Board can split into two – perfect for snowboarding and skiing


Here is the only con of the Jones Solution Splitboard:

  • It’s pretty expensive

Lib Tech Box Scratcher Snowboard

The Lib Tech Box Scratcher is a stylish snowboard that contains a rocker between the rider’s feet and a mild camber to the contact points. The solid pressure between the rider’s feet ensures easy turns on slippery surfaces, and the gentle tip pressure enables you to float on all terrains effortlessly. The board is designed to offer exceptional edge control in icy conditions.

This snowboard has Magne Traction edges, allowing it to offer great edge control and ensuring a smooth ride on icy surfaces. The board is available in multiple sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your size the best. The core of this snowboard is made from original power construction of 75% aspen and 25% paulownia, making it environmentally friendly and lightweight. Its durability and light weight make it a favorite among many snowboarders who prefer an efficient ride.

Plus, the Box Scratcher is designed to provide you with the perfect glide on every surface. The base of the board is sublimated sintered, ensuring a quick pace and durability. The strategically located edge serrations offer impeccable edge hold and control in all types of conditions.


Here are some pros of the Lib Tech Box Scratcher Snowboard:

  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly, lightweight, and strong
  • Impeccably designed to ensure seamless gliding and turning
  • Magne Traction edges ensure seamless control on all surfaces
  • Available in multiple sizes


Here’s a con of the Lib Tech Box Scratcher Snowboard:

  • On the pricier side

GNU FB Head Space Asym C3 Snowboard

GNU Forest Bailey Head Space Snowboard has an impressive, eye-catching design and a flat to mild camber. It’s an exceptional board for snowboarding, allowing you to take laps and swerve on icy surfaces with ease. This board will enable you to freestyle and make flexible turns by offering an excellent grip on ice. The Magne Traction edges of the board ensure easier control on icy surfaces. They can even turn ice into powder on sharper turns.

It includes a rocker between the feet which adds the pressure you need to have a greater hold on the ice. Since the board is asymmetrical, it allows the rider to feel less tired when riding it by offering a more efficient performance.

The board’s core is G1 ASYM Eco Core, making it a sustainable, durable, and lightweight snowboard. The core also ensures low and quick maintenance. This board is available in multiple sizes that you can choose from depending on your distinct needs.


Here are some pros of the GNU Forest Bailey Head Space Snowboard:

  • The G1 ASYM Eco Core makes a sustainable, lightweight, and durable board
  • Allows the rider to freestyle on all types of surfaces
  • Magne Traction edges ensure easier ice control
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Attractive design


Here’s a con of the GNU Forest Bailey Head Space Snowboard:

  • It’s a bit challenging to land a big jump

Ride Berzerker Snowboard

Ride Berzerker Snowboard has a hybrid chamber, which means that it will offer you ample grip, smooth turns, and plenty of pop. It’s an all-mountain snowboard with a stiff flex that gives an unyielding performance when flying from high slopes. It’s a great snowboard to take on icy surfaces.

The directional flow of this board ensures that you don’t get swallowed by deep powder at sharp turns. The snowboard has a performance core, a mix of durable bamboo, lightweight paulownia, and poppy aspen. It ensures that you end up with a light board without compromising its strength or longevity. Carbon arrays and slimerods add power distribution, insane pop, and much-needed spunk to this board.

The impact plates under the board absorb significant impacts resulting in soft, safe landings. The sintered base of the Ride Berzerker Snowboard maintains a smooth glide with little to no upkeep requirements. Rest assured, this powerful snowboard can help you conquer high-pressure crud and bottomless powder with ease.

The core of this snowboard is sandwiched by biaxial and triaxial fiberglass to create an impressive flex for snappy turns during high-speed maneuvers. Ride Berzerker also has a large rocker section in its nose that effortlessly floats in powdery snow and skips over hard-packed ice.


Here are some pros of the Ride Berzerker Snowboard:

  • The hybrid chamber and large rocker section offer effortless control over powdery and icy surfaces
  • Carbon slimerods and arrays offer power and pop
  • Lightweight, durable, and stable construction
  • Fiberglass results in stiff flex for increased maneuverability and performance during high-speed turns
  •  Available in multiple sizes


Here’s a con of the Ride Berzerker Snowboard Snowboard:

  • Not as eye-catching as some of the other contenders on the list

Lib Tech Ejack Knife HP C3 Snowboard

The Lib Tech Ejack Knife Snowboard has an impressive C3 camber, which features a mild rocker between your feet and aggressive camber zones extending until the contact points. These contact points act as the rider’s grip during icy or harsh snow, leading to a super-efficient ride. The banana rocker ensures complete stability even when you perform quick lines.

This snowboard has a medium-stiff flex, allowing you to charge without experiencing tiredness. The core has a Horse Power construction, which entails 40% paulownia and 6-0% aspen. It makes the board environmentally friendly and smooth. The base is created from Eco Sublimated TNT, ensuring the rider has a fast ride and the board remains low maintenance.

The edges of the Lib Tech Ejack Knife Snowboard are Magne Traction, allowing it to have near-perfect control on icy surfaces. This edge also ensures that the ice turns into powder, preventing falls and injuries on precarious surfaces. This board comes in numerous sizes, making it easier for you to find a size that suits your body.


Here are some pros of the Lib Tech Ejack Knife HP Snowboard:

  • The core makes for a smooth ride
  • Magne Traction edges cut snow, turning it into powder for a safe ride
  • Aggressive camber points ensure convenient grip on icy surfaces
  • Multiple sizes available


Here’s a con of the Lib Tech Ejack Knife HP Snowboard:

  • The base might catch snow on softer surfaces

STAUBER Summit Snowboard

The STAUBER Summit Snowboard is a premium-quality, all-mountain snowboard with a twin-directional shape. It features a hybrid rocker profile that is ideal for learning to carve. It makes hitting small icy jumps appear effortless. The directional shape makes it suitable for all skill levels. Plus, it has two individual camber zones with contact points underfoot for edge security.

This snowboard has a 100% authentic poplar wood core, which provides the board with a medium flex. Moreover, the triaxial layer of fiberglass on top and bottom sheets offers a smooth torsional flex. The hybrid camber-rocker-camber profile helps avoid edge catching and boosts pop. The snowboard has three main contact points, resulting in better carving and engagement.

The STAUBER Summit Snowboard comes with a lightweight, reinforced precision, molded STAUBER bindings that you can adjust high up with a taught ankle strap and toe strap. They feature an aluminum alloy buckling mechanism. If you don’t want to use the bindings, you can find a wide range of compatible bindings to use with the standard 4-hole insert pattern of the snowboard.


Here are some pros of the STAUBER Summit Snowboard:

  • Durable wood and fiberglass construction
  • All-mountain snowboard ideal for icy surfaces due to its hybrid profile
  • Directional shape perfect for all skill levels
  • Three main contact points for better engagement


Here is a con of the STAUBER Summit Snowboard:

  • The screws that come with the binding might come loose

Lib Tech T.Rice Pro HP

Lib Tech T.Rice Pro HP Snowboard has a C2X tech, which allows it to offer an immaculately balanced contour with a mild rocker and cambers that will rest under the rider’s foot. It will enable the rider to have a smooth and effortless ride while ripping the icy surface in front without sacrificing the floating capability.

Additionally, due to the impressively solid tip, tail pressure, and medium pressure between the feet, this board makes it easy to carve an edge control on ice. The edge is Magne Traction, giving the snowboard brilliant edge control and allowing it to turn cold hard ice into powder. It gives you a leisurely glide on the surface.  

This board has a medium flex rating, which allows the rider to run hard without overwhelming them with sheer force. You also have multiple size options to choose from based on your preference. The board also comes with a warranty of one year. It’s a lightweight, durable creation made from environmentally friendly materials.

This versatile stick will enable you to push your limits on the mountain or freestyle for your enjoyment. It’s an award-winning stick designed to perform well on all types of terrains, including parks and mountains.


Here are some pros of the Lib Tech T.Rice Pro HP Snowboard:

  • Durable construction designed to offer versatility
  • Medium flex rating
  • Magne Traction edge offers impressive control on ice
  • Leisurely glide due to the balance of cambers and mild rocker


Here are some cons of the Lib Tech T.Rice Pro HP Snowboard:

  • Requires more kick on steeper surfaces

GNU RC C3 Snowboard

The GNU RC C3 Snowboard offers extra maneuverability through mountainous slopes due to its strong C3 camber. This tech allows the rider to beeline through aggressive, icy conditions or powdery ice due to its perfect end-to-end stability. The board was designed for riders who love to freestyle.

The asymmetrical shape of the board ensures an efficient and smooth ride. The board is laminated in fiberglass, which doubles its durability and makes it stable throughout your ride. The edges have a Magne Traction construction, giving the board that extra edge control it needs on icy surfaces.

The GNU RC Snowboard comes in two distinct sizes – 154.5W and 157.5W. It also has a high-performance chassis and a quick, rugged, black knife cut sintered base. This lightweight, long-lasting snowboard has an aspen, paulownia core, and eco-sublimated poly top.


Here are some pros of the GNU RC Snowboard:

  • The fiberglass ensures stability and durability
  • Allows the rider to freestyle on all types of surfaces
  • Magne Traction edges ensure perfect control on ice
  • Attractive design
  • Aggressive C3 cambers offer end to end stability


Here’s a con of the GNU RC Snowboard:

  • Limited size options compared to other boards on the list

Chamonix Lognan Snowboard

The Chamonix Lognan Snowboard is a versatile, budget-friendly snowboard designed for an all-mountain experience. It features a durable poplar wood core and camber profile. It offers smooth turns and a responsive snap underfoot.

This snowboard by Chamonix features a matte-finish, scratch-resistant top, which makes your board low maintenance and keeps it looking new for a long time. It’s the ideal board for beginners or intermediate snowboarders.

The twin shape of the Lognan offers the rider a more balanced and comfortable ride. It has a response FSC core making it quite durable and smooth. The base is extruded, and the camber is of genuine quality, offering the board a smooth glide and control over icy surfaces.


Here are some pros of the Chamonix Lognan Snowboard:

  • Most affordable option on the list
  • The wood core and camber profile ensure stability and durability
  • Slim, attractive design
  • The twin shape offers the rider a stable ride


Here’s a con of the Chamonix Lognan Snowboard:

  •  It doesn’t offer the same power as some of the pricier options on the list

What Is the Best Snowboard for Icy Conditions?

Choosing the best snowboards for icy conditions can transform your snowboarding experience from a pleasant one to a thoroughly enjoyable one. However, it’s not always easy to make the right choice considering the market is packed with new technologies and varied snowboard profiles.

With that said, the best snowboard for icy conditions must have an aggressive camber or an ideal camber-rocker hybrid riding profile to ensure agility and smoothness on icy surfaces. It must also have the perfect twin-tip, directional, or directional twin shape and a stiff or medium-stiff flex to ride comfortably without exhausting yourself.

Additionally, the best snowboards always come in different sizes, so you can easily find one that suits your height and weight. Plus, it needs to have a core and edges that support your movement on icy surfaces and allow you to cut through the ice for a smoother, safer ride.

Best Snowboards For Icy Conditions

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