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Nothing can ruin a day on the mountain in freezing temperatures like frozen fingertips. This is why you need the best snowboard mittens to keep warm.

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Nothing can ruin a day on the mountain in freezing temperatures like frozen fingertips. This is why you need the best snowboard mittens to keep warm.

The two best snowboard mittens are the Burton Gore-Tex Mittens and the Hestra Army Leather 3-Finger Gore-Tex. They have adjustable strings to fit your hands tightly with microfiber linings and thick insulation for maximum warmth. Using either of these mittens when snowboarding will keep you warm.

The best snowboard mittens are designed with a specific purpose in mind. They support your hands and wrists by giving you the necessary support, protection, and warmth that you need to enjoy your activities safely. This guide includes the best options available to you so you can become more effective on your snowboard.

Mittens are one of the most popular winter accessories, but finding the perfect pair can be difficult with so many options available. Our experts have tested these mittens to see how well they work in cold temperatures. The following guide will help you decide which product is right for you!

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6 Best Snowboard Mittens

There are many types of snowboard mittens or gloves available in the market that can suit different types of users. This guide will discuss the best snowboard mittens that you can buy online.

Mittens are important for snowboarding. They come in different styles and materials. Some are made of fleece, others are made of neoprene. They are designed to prevent snow from slipping inside your glove and freezing your fingers off because the material is very porous.

The type of mitten you buy will have a major impact on your snowboarding experience too. There is nothing worse than frozen fingertips halfway through your day on the mountain, making it extremely important you buy a reliable pair.

It is not just about how it looks, but also about how it feels and how it will keep your fingers warm and dry in all conditions. Let's find out which of these best snowboard mittens is the best option for you.

1. Burton Gore-Tex Mittens

Burton Gore-Tex Mittens
Burton Gore-Tex Mittens

The Burton Gore-Tex Mittens are the best-sellers in the snowboarding market. They are created with dual-layer fabric that is water-resistant, durable and provides excellent grip. They have different colors, sizes, and designs to choose from too.

The Gore Warm technology feature provides more warmth than its standard counterparts and is constructed from 100% waterproof material. They also are much more breathable to make high performance more attainable.

This technology and design make Burton Gore-Tex Mittens perfect for people who love to be outdoors and stay dry while doing so. They were designed with a high-quality, durable, and breathable fabric to ensure that your hands stay warm and dry no matter what the weather is like.

These Mittens also offer the ultimate protection from cold temperatures and other elements such as snow, rain, or sleet. They are made with a comfortable lining that will not make your hands sweat or get wet from moisture.

There is a hidden heater and vent pocket that can hold warmers. It also adds even more ventilation inside the glove along with a removable wrist strap for added comfort.

2. Hestra Army Leather 3-Finger Gore-Tex

Hestra Army Leather 3-Finger Gore-Tex
Hestra Army Leather 3-Finger Gore-Tex

The Hestra Army Leather 3-Finger Gore-Tex mitten is a durable, waterproof, and breathable option that is perfect for snowboarding. It is lightweight and provides maximum warmth and protection for your hands while you're on the slopes.

These mittens come in two different colors and they use a hook and loop closure for extra support. The design also uses long cuffs to cover your hands and wrists for extra warmth protection.

It provides a high level of protection for riders. They feature a 3-finger design to give your hand and fingers full dexterity. They also offer waterproof and breathable protection, so you can ride in any weather.

The GORE-TEX technology provides warmth whether it’s in snow or rain. They’re also designed to be stretchable and elastic so that they fit well on your hands and don’t hinder your movements when you take off or land from jumps and tricks.

Included with the design is an elastic strap to easily tighten the mitten around the wrist area for fit more securely. These will give you excellent support in the coldest temperature with excellent comfort.

3. Gordini Gore-Tex Storm Trooper 3-Finger Mitten

Gordini Gore-Tex Storm Trooper 3-Finger Mitten
Gordini Gore-Tex Storm Trooper 3-Finger Mitten

The Gordini Gore-Tex Storm Trooper 3-Finger Mitten for snowboarding is a highly durable and versatile mitten that provides the perfect balance of warmth and waterproofing. It has Gore-Tex protection and a hard shell that offers excellent durability.

This mitten features an innovative design for winter sports enthusiasts who want to stay comfortable and protected while skiing, snowboarding, or other activities. The 3-finger design gives you more dexterity than your standard glove while protecting your hands from elements like cold weather, wind chill, water, and snow.

Snowboarders usually have to take off their gloves when they get on their hands to grab board edges or do tricks. With these mittens, they can now hold onto their board without having to take off any gear during activity as well as make it easier to perform tricks and grabs due to its flexibility.

The material is easy to stretch with waterproof, windproof, and breathable capabilities that make it reliable in all circumstances. There is a mega loft synthetic insulation to fight away water to stay dry too.

The design also includes a gauntlet cuff and a hand warmer pouch opened and closed by a secure zipper. It is completely adjustable too.

4. Burton Men's Baker 2-in-1 Mitten

Burton Men's Baker 2-in-1 Mitten
Burton Men's Baker 2-in-1 Mitten

The Burton Men's Baker 2-in-1 Mitten is a durable and warm winter snowboarding mitten that provides warmth, safety, and comfort for snowboarders. It is a must-have accessory for snowboarders of all levels.

This mitten was designed with a unique venting system that allows the wearer to stay cool even during extreme conditions. The mitten incorporates Burton’s custom DRYRIDE fabric for warmth and comfort as well as an elastic cuff to ensure a secure fit.

The design also features two hand pockets, one zipped pocket on the wrist, as well as adjustable wrist cuffs to ensure the perfect fit every time. It has a screengrab touch grip palm that makes it warmer yet easier to use for touchscreens.

This is a must-have mitten for snowboard enthusiasts. It is designed with a pre-curved fit and a waterproof membrane to always keep dry and remain warm despite freezing temperatures.

It has a moisture-wicking liner that helps to keep your hands dry even when they are soaked. It also has adjustable closures to keep the mitts in place and to make sure they don't fall off during your ride.

5. Gordini Gore Gauntlet Mitten

Gordini Gore Gauntlet Mitten
Gordini Gore Gauntlet Mitten

This snowboarding mitten from Gordini is a stylish and warm mitten that provides superior grip and protection for snowboarders. The Gore Gauntlet Mitten provides excellent warmth and comfort for avid snowboarders.

It features a neoprene material that is known for its excellent insulation properties. It has a built-in thermo-reflective lining, a breathable membrane, and an adjustable wrist strap to make sure it fits well on your hand while you are snowboarding.

This snowboarding mitten will surely provide you with the best protection while you are out on the slopes. It has features to enhance the waterproof and windproof capabilities so you should never get too cold.

It is made from durable polyester material and uses a textured palm to give you a better grip to handle your board and gear. There are even leather finger areas for grip at every angle.

The mitten has a thick fleece on the outside and the inside. It also has a removable inner lining and a reinforced palm and thumb for durability and grip. The design of this mitten makes it perfect for those who love to ski or snowboard in cold weather as it keeps your hands warm without getting too bulky.

6. Outdoor Research Alti Mitts

Outdoor Research Alti Mitts
Outdoor Research Alti Mitts

Outdoor Research's Alti Mitts are a high-quality snowboarding mitten. The company provides high-quality products at affordable prices so that people can enjoy the outdoors.

These mittens are for anyone who needs to go outdoors and enjoy the winter weather. Whether it be snowboarding, skiing, or just catching up on some fresh powder on the slopes, these gloves provide great protection and dexterity for any outdoor activity.

Outdoor Research designed these mittens with a special closure to make it easy to pull them on quickly so you don't have to waste time struggling with laces. This ensures they fit securely and there is no risk of cold air or snow getting inside on a harsh fall.

They are available in a variety of colors and sizes so you have many options to choose from. The design also uses Gore-Tex to keep warmer and provide the most support possible for snowboarders looking for comfort.

These mittens also come with added layers of insulation which keeps your hands warm and dry when you're out in the snow too!

Buyers Guide: What To Look For In Snowboard Mittens

Snowboard mittens are a must-have for winter. They provide warmth and protection from the harsh cold. When you need a break from the cold, putting on a pair of snowboard mittens is the best thing to do. With that said, making sure that you have the right snowboard mitten for your needs is important.


Many snowboarders wear mittens when they are in the mountains. However, for them to fit in all the right places, they must be sized correctly.

The importance of the size of a snowboard mitten is significant. If you get a small one, it will not be able to fit your hand well, nor will the grip be firm. The best way to see if a size is right for you is to try them on and try different sizes to see what you find most comfortable.

Insulation Material

With so many different types of insulation materials available, choosing one that best suits your needs is not an easy task. You will need to consider things like how warm it will keep you the type of support it can provide when snowboarding for your hands.

Some materials will be better than others in terms of insulation, so if you're trying to get the best performance from your gloves, you'll need to understand which material is best for your needs.

This can include extra liners for added protection to provide even more warmth for your hands in freezing temperatures. The two main types used are down and synthetics.

Cuff Style

The cuff style of snowboard mittens is a functional and important design element because it allows for a greater range of motion. It also adds a certain degree of protection for your hands from the elements to keep them warm.

Cuff styles include over the cuff (gauntlet) or under the cuff. The best option all depends on your specific preference and what you consider to be warmer and more comfortable.


Breathability is not just about keeping your hands dry. It is also important to make sure that your gloves allow proper airflow and don't make the wearer too hot or too cold.

Snowboarders often go outside in winter to enjoy the snow with friends or family, so their mittens must be comfortable and breathable so they can stay outside as long as possible.


The best snowboard gloves are made to be waterproof and offer a lot of protection from the cold. With these gloves, you can enjoy all the perks of snowboarding without having to worry about getting your hands cold.

To keep your hands warm, they must be well protected from the elements. But if you get them wet, chances are they will get cold quickly. This is when waterproof snowboard mittens come in handy to protect your hands from getting wet and provide insulation at the same time.

Why Are Mittens Better For Snowboarders Than Gloves?

Mittens are better than gloves for snowboarding because they are warmer and provide more support to your hands. They also leave more room for your hands which allows you to fall without a risk of getting hurt as easily.

The difference between mittens and gloves is that mittens are thicker and provide better protection against the cold and wet conditions that could occur during winter sports like snowboarding.

Some of the best snowboard mittens are durable, waterproof, and have a fit that is snug without being too tight. Another important feature to look for in these mittens is warmth. You want to find a product that can keep your hands warm when you are wearing them.

Mittens are warmer than gloves because they prevent the heated air from reaching the cold air of your hands. The two layers of fabric provide pressure on different parts of your hand which helps in providing more support and warmth to the user.

Another awesome feature about mittens is how you can tighten them to fit securely around your wrists to prevent openings into your jacket. This will keep you warmer and prevent snow from getting inside your mittens or sleeves.

Mittens are more effective than gloves for snowboarding because they provide better waterproof capabilities than gloves. To stay dry while snowboarding, it is important to have a quality pair of mittens.


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