December 13, 2021

Best Snowboard Hydration Packs

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When snowboarding for long hours, you need to hydrate yourself without stopping on treacherous slopes. The best snowboard hydration pack can fulfill your needs!

The best hydration packs for snowboarding are Water Buffalo Hydration Pack, Camelbak Powder Hound 12, MIRACOL Hydration Backpack, and more. When choosing a snowboard hydration pack, look for compact and lightweight bags with insulated bladder and water tubes and multiple straps and storage spaces.

The finest hydration packs for snowboarding should have a weather-resistant, durable material. It’s because you will take them on snow-covered slopes, and if they aren’t weather-resistant, your belongings might get wet if you fall on the slope. They must also include an insulated bladder and tube to prevent the water from freezing over in cold temperatures. Moreover, the packs should have comfortable and adjustable straps to avoid chaffing and instability. You certainly don’t want your pack to move about and fall from your shoulders while you’re snowboarding on a slope.

As an avid snowboarder, I have tried my fair share of hydration packs for snowboarding to see which one meets my needs the best. I can confidently say that this comprehensive article features the best snowboarding hydration packs you can find today!

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Table of Contents:

11 Best Hydration Packs for Snowboarding

Here are the best snowboard hydration packs:

1. Water Buffalo Hydration Pack

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly hydration pack that will offer you the quality and features of a high-end pack, you have to buy the Water Buffalo Hydration Pack. This well-constructed pack will hold up wonderfully well on your snowboarding trips. It features a 2L water bladder that will keep you hydrated while snowboarding.

The leak-proof and BPA-free bladder is insulated to prevent the water from freezing over or keep it cool if you’re using the pack during warmer weather. The pack has an impressively durable ripstop construction, improving its overall lifespan. Moreover, it’s also a comfortable and lightweight pack, making it easy to carry for a day-long trip. It’s a waterproof pack that you can easily carry on heavy snow trails.

The Water Buffalo Hydration Pack has an ergonomic fit, allowing it to fit around your back, preventing sliding, slipping, or chafing. The pack also features multiple pockets to store extra gear, clothing items, and food. It has bungee webbing, making it easy to shed a layer and carry things needed.

Additionally, this compact pack comes with padded, ventilated straps and back. It also has reflective safety trims, making it ideal for kids. This impressive pack features handy clips to keep the water tube within reach at all times. Lastly, the hydration type is capped off with a durable bite valve and an effective locking on-off nozzle to prevent accidental leaks.


Here are some cons of the Water Buffalo Hydration Pack:

  • Insulated water bladder with leak-proof and accessible tube
  • Ventilated and adjustable shoulder pads to endure balance and prevent chaffing
  • Ample space despite the compact size
  • Durable ripstop construction to promote longevity
  • Ergonomic fit with reflective safety trims


Here are some pros of the Water Buffalo Hydration Pack:

  • The mouthpiece is a bit awkward to drink from at first

2. CamelBak Powder Hound 12

If you want to carry ample water that will easily last you the whole day on the mountain, you cannot find a better snowboard hydration pack than the CamelBak Powder Hound 12. It offers an impressive 3L capacity in the bladder and has 12L of total storage space.

Additionally, it features an insulated sleeve built into its shoulder strap to keep your water supply protected from the cold weather. This CamelBak Powder Hound also has a convenient on/off lever on its bite valve to prevent the water from leaking.

This hydration pack also comes with a snowshoed back panel to repel snow and prevent it from sticking to your back. It will effectively keep you from feeling cold in challenging conditions on the mountain. The ample internal storage compartments are designed to avalanche gear so you can easily fit your safety essentials.

Moreover, the pack features large zipper tabs, making it easier to access the compartments even if you wear gloves. It comes with an adjustable sternum strap that you can move up or down to ensure a custom fit. It also has a diagonal carry strap that you can use to attach your snowboard when hiking in the backcountry. Even though it’s an expensive pack, it will fulfill many of your needs and keep you comfortably hydrated.


Here are some pros of the CamelBak Powder Hound 12:

  • Insulated shoulder pocket to keep water from freezing
  • 12L of storage space, including 3L of water capacity
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Snug fit with adjustable shoulder strap
  • Strap for carrying a snowboard
  • Snow-repelling back panel


Here are some cons of the InnerFit Hydration Pack:

  • Quite expensive

3. MIRACOL Hydration Backpack

MIRACOL Hydration Backpack offers incredible insulation and keeps your water cool/warm with its inside thermal layer. This pack comes with multiple pockets or storage compartments that can store all sorts of accessories, such as your cell phone, sweater, keys, etc. All the pockets are different sizes to suit your storage needs.

Even though this hydration pack is made from hefty, military-grade material, it is still pretty lightweight. Plus, it’s incredibly durable and will keep your belongings safe from weather elements. The bag’s interior has thermal insulation, and the exterior features Molle webbing to attach different items to it. It also has breathable mesh pads on the back for added comfort.

MIRACOL hydration pack is highly stable due to its strapping mechanism that includes a chest strap, a waist belt with side pockets, and an easily adjustable shoulder strap. So, you don’t have to worry about stability as the pack will fit snugly and remain in place due to the straps. The pack also has an opening for your earphones so that you can listen to music while snowboarding.

Your pack can carry a hydration bladder with a capacity to hold 2L water. It features dual tube ports on shoulder straps and an insulated tube for thermal protection.  Its bladder is made from EVA material and is BPA-free. It’s designed with an extra-wide opening diameter of 3.1 inches, making it easy to clean and fill.


Here are some pros of the MIRACOL Hydration Backpack:

  • Thermal insulation to keep water from freezing
  • Multiple different-sized pockets
  • Breathable mesh pads on the back to boost comfort
  • Adjustable straps to fit the bag on your back snuggly


Here are some cons of the MIRACOL Hydration Backpack:

  • Not ideal for taller folk

4. InnerFit Hydration Pack

If you’re looking for an affordable hydration pack with impressive features and durable Ripstop material, look no further than InnerFit Hydration Pack. Even though it’s designed for running, this pack comes with a 1.5L water bladder featuring an insulated drinking tube, ideal for use while snowboarding.

The bladder is taste-free, leak-proof, and BPA-free. Meanwhile, the drinking tube has a mouthpiece cap to keep it from getting dirty. Moreover, the InnerFit Hydration Pack features a specific thermal pouch that the water bladder slides into for added insulation.

The pack is also ergonomically designed, allowing it to fit the shape of your body effortlessly and protect you from losing your balance. It offers an ultra-low profile that can easily fit underneath your thick jacket. Moreover, the hip belt is slightly padded to hug your sides, making it more comfortable than the usual webbing waist strap.

It features a total of six storage compartments, accessible from different sides of the pack for maximum ease of access. It has front, top, side, and bottom pockets and three adjustable body straps to ensure a bounce-free and snug fit while you snowboard. It has a breathable mesh padding that offers lasting comfort, reduces moisture, and puts less stress on your shoulders and pack.

All in all, InnerFfit Hydration Pack is one of the most budget-friendly, effective hydration packs for snowboarders. Its ripstop construction ensures that the pack will last a long time.


Here are some pros of the InnerFit Hydration Pack:

  • Insulated drinking tube with a pack to keep it from getting dirty
  • Thermal pouch for the water bladder
  • Affordable, effective pack
  • Snug fit to ensure comfort and balance
  • Multiple pockets and adjustable straps
  • Breathable mesh padding for added comfort
  • Durable ripstop construction


Here are some cons of the InnerFit Hydration Pack:

  • Designed for running
  • Limited water capacity

5. CamelBak Phantom Snowboard Hydration Pack

CamelBak Phantom is one of the finer choices for a snowboarding hydration pack. This pack comes with 21L of total storage with a spacious 3L hydration bladder. Despite packing so much space, the pack has a super-compact design. It also features an avalanche gear storage compartment within its main storage space.

Additionally, the CamelBak phantom features durable carry straps designed to carry your snowboard or skis, avalanche beacon, helmet, goggles, and other gear that you might need for a day of snowboarding or skiing. However, what makes this hydration pack ideal for winter sports is its Therminatior harness system that essentially insulates the bladder and hose and keeps the water inside them from freezing.

Furthermore, the CamelBak Phantom features big zippers designed to be easily opened even while wearing gloves. This way, you will not have to take off your gloves in the cold to access the things inside your hydration pack. The pack also includes a hip strap to offer the wearer more stability. The strap features easy-to-access cargo pockets.

The external straps on the hydration pack offer multiple snowboard-carrying options: diagonal, vertical, and a-frame straps. The pack also features helmet hooks for your snowboarding helmet. It comes with a lifetime warranty as well.


Here are some pros of the CamelBak Phantom Hydration Pack:

  • 21L of total storage space, #L for the water bladder
  • Multiple straps to carry snowboarding gear with ease
  • Easily accessible zippers
  • Therminatior harness system to keep the water insulated


Here are some cons of the CamelBak Phantom Hydration Pack:

  • On the heavier side
  • Not many pockets despite being spacious

6. TETON Sports Oasis Hydration Pack

TETON Sports Oasis is an 18L backpack that features a leak-proof 2L hydration bladder. This thoughtfully designed pack has plenty of room to accommodate your smaller snowboarding gear. It comes in many colors and includes many features that you will find on the most expensive hydration packs.

Oasis hydration pack is a light, affordable pack that you can carry on your back all day long. It comes with comfortable, adjustable shoulder, waist, and chest straps that offer a custom fit. The straps have high-density foam stabilizers and mash covering for added comfort.

The water bladder in this pack is kink-free, lightweight, and durable. It has an innovative cushioned bite valve and sip tube. This hydration pack has a low-profile cut designed to fit all frames easily. It has spacious main pockets and a bungee cord system for your snowboarding helmets.

Moreover, this pack has an integrated cover that will keep your gear dry and protected from the snow. It’s sewn into the pack, so you don’t have to worry about losing it on your snowboarding adventure. The pack also has an air mesh back panel that allows airflow to your back.


Here are some pros of the TETON Sports Oasis Hydration Pack:

  • Ample space despite the compact size
  • Comfortable, adjustable straps for longer adventures
  • Durable pack and water bladder
  • Sewn-in cover to keep your gear protected from snow


Here are some cons of the TETON Sports Oasis Hydration Pack:

  • Complicated hose assembly

7. CamelBak HydroBak Hydration Pack

The CamelBak HydroBak Pack is a compact hydration pack suitable for all body types. It’s designed to keep you uber-comfortable while snowboarding, skiing, and cycling. Moreover, it’s constructed from highly breathable fabric for added comfort. It has a smaller zippered pocket, ideal for storing essential, small items, such as keys, ID, wallet, and small snacks.

The hydration bladder can carry 1.5L of water, ideal for short snowboarding adventures. Both the tube and bladder are resistant to bacterial growth, ensuring that the material doesn’t grow mold. The bladder is also lightweight and easy to clean.

The pack has an ergonomic handle, making the bladder easier to fill. The crux reservoir has an effective on/off lever, making it leak-proof. It also has a sturdy clip on the shoulder strap, designed to keep the drinking tube in its place.

The CamelBak hydration pack is super lightweight and compact, which means that you can easily keep it underneath your snowboarding jacket. It features a breathable mesh harness on its back to ensure stability and durability. It will keep the pack in place while you move about on your board. It also has a wide shoulder strap for increased stability and balance.


Here are some pros of the CamelBak HydroBak Hydration Pack:

  • Super small profile and lightweight construction
  • The clip on the shoulder strap keeps the drinking tube in place
  • Ergonomic bladder handle for easy refilling
  • Breathable mesh harness for improved stability


Here are some cons of the CamelBak HydroBak Hydration Pack:

  • The shoulder strap is not padded
  • The bladder is not insulated

8. Aduro Sport Hydration Backpack

Aduro Sport Hydration Backpack is a highly functional, minimalist, and lightweight hydration pack. Made from durable ripstop material, this pack is long-lasting and breathable. It comes with adjustable straps and convenient side storage pockets. The pack also has a roomy front compartment where you can store your snowboarding accessories, such as gloves.

This hydration pack has water bladders with varying capacities – 1L, 2L, and 3L. You can choose the bladder capacity depending on your specific needs. The bladder is BPA-free and comes with an insulated tube with a cushioned bite valve. It’s also pretty easy to fill and is heat-sealed and leak-proof.

The Aduro backpack comes with a bounce-free chest strap that secures it in place and prevents it from sliding from side to side while you move on your snowboard. The straps also have a tube port on both sides, which allows you to put the insulated water tube on either side.

Furthermore, this compact hydration pack comes in four distinct colors. It also includes a safety whistle built into the buckle that you can use in emergencies. It has safety reflective trims to increase your visibility at night. The adjustable shoulder straps are designed to prevent scratching.


Here are some pros of the Aduro Sport Hydration Backpack:

  • Varying bladder sizes
  • Insulated bladder and tube
  • Bounce-free straps with fitted clip for securing water tube in place
  • Safety whistle built into the buckle
  • Reflective trims to increase visibility


Here are some cons of the Aduro Sport Hydration Backpack:

  • The hose needs to be fastened super tightly, or it will leak

9. DolfinPack Extreme Sports Hydration Pack

DolfinPack Extreme Sports backpack is an award-winning, minimalist, and lightweight hydration pack designed for extreme sports, including snowboarding and skiing. It offers exceptional functionality with its compact structure. Made from weatherproof neoprene material, this hydration pack will keep your gear safe even in heavy snow. It fits snuggly onto the upper back, making it easy to carry on longer adventures.

This hydration pack features a BPA-free 1.5L reservoir and a neoprene tube cover to prevent the water from freezing during extreme cold weather conditions. The reservoir features a high flow bite valve and is slim enough to fit under most snowboarding jackets. It also has a super convenient on/off toggle.

The elastic straps on this hydration pack are wrapped in neoprene for added comfort. They prevent chafing and promote stability and balance. Moreover, these straps have Velcro to adjust and take them off when needed.


Here are some pros of the DolfinPack Extreme Sports Hydration Pack:

  • Award-winning lightweight and minimalist pack
  • Snug fit; can be carried under most snowboarding jackets
  • Insulated tube and neoprene water reservoir with high bite valve
  • Elastic straps covered with neoprene for added comfort


Here are some cons of the DolfinPack Extreme Sports Hydration Pack:

  •  Velcro quality can be subpar in some packs

10. Vibrelli Hydration Pack

Vibrelli Hydration Pack is a comfortable and lightweight pack perfect for adults and kids alike. It’s designed to adjust to most body sizes and features multiple storage options and pockets without appearing bulky. This compact hydration pack can fit under your snowboarding jacket.

This hydration pack has a 2L capacity water bladder made from high-quality medical-grade material free from PVC and BPAs. It is coated with a special USA-made film to prevent the water from tasting like plastic. The bladder pocket is insulated to keep your water from freezing.

The pack bladder also has an easy-twist mouthpiece that doesn’t leak and a high flow bite valve to ensure the water flow is constant and quick, and it doesn’t drip from your shoulders when locked. Vibrelli Hydration Pack also includes an emergency whistle attached to its chest strap and rear reflectors to ensure your safety and boost night vision.

The straps in this hydration pack are specially designed to wick sweat and are breathable, ultra-lightweight, and durable. The bladder pocket is separate to keep the water away from your belongings. The internal mesh pocket is ideal for keeping snacks, phones, and more necessities. The pack also includes bungee straps that you can use for your snowboarding helmet and rain jacket.


Here are some pros of the Vibrelli Hydration Pack:

  • Water has a plastic-free taste due to the high-grade bladder material
  • Insulated pocket for the bladder
  • Compact, lightweight pack with adjustable straps
  • Emergency whistle and safety reflectors


Here are some cons of the Vibrelli Hydration Pack:

  • The bladder is a bit difficult to get out of the small pocket

11. CamelBak SnoBlast Winter Hydration Pack

If you’re looking for a hydration pack designed for snow-related sporting activities, you must invest in the CamelBak SnoBlast Winter Hydration Pack. This hydration pack features many external carry points that you can use to attach your snowboard, helmet, and snowshoes before hopping onto a chair lift to reach the point from where you need to snowboard.

This hydration pack comes with a 2L reservoir and features an insulated Therminator harness that prevents the water from freezing in the drinking tube. To keep your water temperature warm, you can zip the tube into this insulated sleeve in the shoulder strap.

The CamelBak SnoBlast comes with three zippers that you can use to open the spacious main compartment, making your belongings easily accessible. The pack also has a handy side expansion panel that you can release to give it an extra 6L of storage space. You will also benefit from a 4-point compression to keep your belongings safely stowed away without damaging the hydration pack.


Here are some pros of the CamelBak SnoBlast Winter Hydration Pack:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Multiple storage pockets
  • Handy side expansion panel for additional space
  • Insulated hydration reservoir
  • 4-point compression
  • External carry points for snowboard, helmet, etc.


Here are some cons of the CamelBak SnoBlast Winter Hydration Pack:

  • The water needs to be blown back into the reservoir to prevent accidental freezing

What Type of Hydration Pack Is the Best for Snowboarding?

The best types of hydration packs for snowboarding are those that have a snug fit, allowing them to fit comfortably and compactly on your back. They are compact enough to fit underneath your snowboarding jacket.

Your hydration pack should also have comfortable padded straps for the shoulders, chest, and hip. The straps need to have adjustable clasps that are tight enough to maintain stability while you move about on your snowboard. Otherwise, you might have to deal with a pack that keeps slipping from your shoulders.

Furthermore, when it comes to hydration packs for snowboarding, nothing matters more than having an insulated and spacious water bladder. You also need to ensure that the water pipe is insulated to prevent the water from freezing over. The best hydration packs also have a padded insulated pocket for the pipe, and a convenient bite valve with an on/off switch. The opening of the bladder is also pretty wide to make cleaning easier.

You also need to think about the bladder capacity you want, which will naturally vary based on how many hours you want to spend snowboarding. If you are going on a day-long adventure, it’s best to choose a hydration pack with a 3L bladder capacity.

The best hydration packs are also made from super durable, lightweight materials that increase their longevity and make them easier to carry. They also have a weatherproof construction to prevent the snow from damaging your belongings.

These packs have enough space to comfortably carry all of your belongings, along with the hydration bladder. However, they should not be bulky enough to restrict your movement. The best packs also have outside mesh pockets and hanging straps with durable clasps to hold your snowboarding gear, such as your helmet and gloves.

It’s why the aforementioned snowboarding hydration packs work so wonderfully well. Almost all of them have the desired features mentioned above to make them the best snowboarding hydration packs available in the market today.

Best Snowboard Hydration Packs

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