10 Essential Salt Water Fishing Lures

No matter what fish species you're targeting or the fishing method you plan to use, these essential saltwater fishing lures should always be in your tackle box.

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Are you planning to go saltwater fishing? You, of course, need a perfect saltwater fishing boat and full fuel tanks. You're now feeling ready to go out there and catch some fish. But before leaving the dock, there's something that you need in your weaponry. No matter what fish species you're targeting or the fishing method you plan to use, these essential saltwater fishing lures should always be in your tackle box.

Fishing in the ocean is a whole different animal that requires a whole different type of fishing lure. Generally, saltwater lures should be a little larger, a little more rugged, and a little stronger than freshwater lures. While you can use any type of saltwater lure to go saltwater fishing, you'll increase your chances of success if you use more specialized and top saltwater fishing lures. The idea here is that the types of fish you can catch out on there are so much larger than most freshwater fish. In essence, saltwater fishing is a whole different experience that requires you to use the best saltwater fishing lures.

Saltwater lures are designed to attract fish that live in salt waters and also to make your trip into the big blue as successful as possible. From saltwater jigs, spoons to the best topwater lures, saltwater fishing will need more than what you usually use for freshwater fishing in your backyard. Whether you're fishing offshore or inshore, your priority should be to cast with the best saltwater fishing lures available.

Instead of spending lots of hours testing several saltwater fishing lures and baits, we've made it a lot easier for you by doing the donkey work. We've consulted the best fishing tackle experts in the fishing industry to come up with the best saltwater fishing lures.

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Essential Saltwater Lures

Choosing the best saltwater lure is, without a doubt, much tougher than choosing freshwater lures. The ocean is vast and the diversity of fish species that swim throughout the ocean is almost endless. With that in mind, some types of lures will never let you down when fishing in any saltwater environment. Here are the essential lures that every saltwater angler should have in your tackle box.


Saltwater predators prefer fish prey that can be easily captured making them great for saltwater predators. This is why poppers make a great choice for targeting saltwater fish. You can easily retrieve it erratically and the sound of a popper will perfectly draw the fish's attention to your line. In essence, poppers are great if you want a lure that can present itself as an easy meal; something that your targeted fish cannot ignore. Just twitch the rod and you'll have a very successful day out on the water. Some of the best saltwater poppers on this list include Sougayilang fishing saltwater lures and Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow Floating lure.


Some saltwater predators have a quick reaction when it comes to catching a meal. They want something that reacts fast to lead to a quick reaction and this is why you should never miss a saltwater spoon in your tackle box.

The best thing about spoons is that they'll annoy your targeted fish to strike and this is exactly what you want as an angler. Of course, they don't resemble baitfish but they come in a variety of colors and styles to effectively entice predator fish to strike. That's not all; spoons are great for casting farther; a feature that makes them ideal if you're fishing in unfamiliar waters. One of the classic saltwater spoons that should never miss in your tackle box is the Sea Striker SURF Spoon.


Truth be told, jigs and flies may not be the first thing to come to your mind when looking for a saltwater fishing lure. However, it's an effective and very diverse lure just like any other saltwater lure in your tackle box. No matter what type of water you're fishing at, a jig will be hard to beat.

You can use a jig in a variety of saltwater conditions, both deep and shallow water. It's very simple to use and very versatile. Their distinctive erratic actions will not only attract lots of predator fish to your line but will also give you the option of using various fishing methods. Some classic examples include Diamond Jigs Ahi Assault and some selections in the RUNCL Saltwater Kit.


Whether you are fishing in an area with more or less cover, a swimbait is a great lure if you want to cover more ground. In addition to their lifelike designs, swimbaits are simple to use and can be retrieved quickly even in areas with more cover. You can perfectly use them by rigging them up on a swimming jig head and cast up to a mile and still retrieve them steadily.

As a saltwater angler, you probably have lots of saltwater bait in your tackle box but you'll be doing yourself and your fishing adventure a great injustice if you don't have a good saltwater swimbait in your tackle box. Swimbaits can be great if you're fishing in new waters or if things get tough and your targeted fish seem not to bite. Some great examples include Heddon Super Spook Jr. Saltwater Lure and Heddon Chug'N Spook.


Crankbaits are hugely popular in bass fishing circles for a reason: they're highly reliable and will bring lots of bass to your dinner table. Lately, crankbaits have attained a huge following among saltwater anglers thanks to their loud sounds and actions that make them look like "easy meals" and attract targeted fish to your line. In essence, they're perfectly colored, simple to use, and deadly in various saltwater situations. You'll find some great crankbait options in the RUNCL Saltwater Kit.

Soft Plastics

Soft plastics are a large family of artificial lures that come in various designs and configurations that perfectly mimic all fish forages or fish prey in the ocean. Whether you're planning to fish in an area where your targeted fish feed on shrimps, worms, grubs, finfish, or eels, soft plastics are arguably the most versatile saltwater fish lure you can have in your tackle box. This is because they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and can effectively mimic the natural baits generally used by anglers.

Soft plastic lures will perfectly hold their weight just like natural saltwater baits. Whether you're out for a deep-water fishing adventure or just enjoying yourself in an onshore location, soft plastics have the adaptability to serve you just right in any saltwater fishing situation.

Using soft plastics is, without a doubt, one of the most effective ways to augment your saltwater angling experience.

Sinking Twitching Baits

There are times when your targeted saltwater fish won't feed at the surface. As an angler especially if you're still learning the ropes of fishing in the big blue, this can be a cause for concern. What do I do? You may ask yourself. If you've been in such a situation, going for slow sinking twitch bait could guarantee success. With this lure at the end of your line, all you'll have to do is twitch the rod just a little bit and the lure will erratically move from right to left to mimic an injured prey and your targeted fish may be hungry enough not to avoid this bait. The RUNCL Saltwater Kit should be a great place to start.

Lipped Plugs

When saltwater fishing, there are times when using lures that swim unsteadily to mimic an injured fish might be the best way to draw strikes. On the other hand, you can find yourself in a situation where the unsteady swimming action doesn't work, so you have to resort to lures that offer steady swimming action to attract fish.

Believe it or not, lipped plugs are designed to give you the best of both worlds: steady and unsteady swimming actions! You can use them to offer a steady swimming action but also use them to look like injured fish by just twitching your rod. Isn't this paradise to any saltwater angler? Well, just don't miss the Rapala X-Rap Slashbait Fish Lure in your tackle box.

Best Saltwater Fishing Lures

Here are the best saltwater fishing lures.

1. RUNCL Saltwater Kit

RUNCL Saltwater Kit
RUNCL Saltwater Kit

If it's your first time on the big blue, it would make a lot of sense to get a complete kit and the RUNCL Saltwater Kit is an impressive one. With over 100 different pieces, you'll get various lures that fit in almost any saltwater fishing situation. This kit is neat and full of high-quality lures that will serve you just right, though the worms and spoons are the most effective.

In terms of details, these lures not only come in different sizes and colors but are also designed to look real and have a perfect action. Whether you're looking for the best lures for salmon, largemouth bass, or any type of saltwater fish, these lures will never disappoint. That's not all; it offers great value for money and the lures are strong and durable. Whether a beginner or experienced, the RUNCL Saltwater Kit is a must-have kit for every saltwater angler.

Standout Features

  • ‍Comes with 100 pieces consisting of topwater spinnerbaits, frogs, spoons, crankbaits, and worms
  • The lures are made of high-quality TPR material that's soft and flexible
  • It has high-quality jigs, sinker weights, as well as hooks of different sizes
  • The tackle box is structured with a double layer for easy storage and transport
  • The lifelike designs of the lures imitate small fish swimming action that can attract larger fish

2. Sougayilang Fishing Saltwater Lures

Sougayilang Fishing Saltwater Lures
Sougayilang Fishing Saltwater Lures

Available in a 10pc package, the Sougayilang Fishing Saltwater are lures that are attached with size four strong and sharp treble hooks, as well as dual anti-corrosion features. These lures are designed with high-resolution body details and a 3D lifelike facade. These lures are made of ABS material, as well as biodegradable plastic and fabricated steel wire that are environmentally-friendly to reduce any form of danger in the water ecosystem.

Additionally, these lures are available in a wide range of colors to suit your Big Blue fishing condition. Their lifelike features also give them realistic swimming action that can perfectly lure saltwater fish. The lures have metals attached inside to enable distant casting, can reduce noise, and can be easily sensed by various fish species such as redfish, trout, and walleye.

Standout Features

  • ‍They're available in attractive colors
  • They're designed with 3D lifelike eyes and high-resolution body details
  • They have lifelike swimming actions that resemble fish prey
  • They're attached to dual anti-corrosion sharp and strong hooks
  • Perfect for saltwater fishing and upper freshwater
  • They have metal balls for easy control, noise reduction, distant casting, and easy baitcasting

3. Rapala X-Rap Slashbait Fish Lure

Rapala X-Rap Slashbait Fish Lure
Rapala X-Rap Slashbait Fish Lure

Rapala is known widely for manufacturing some of the best fishing lures out there and the X-Rap Slashbait is certainly proof of this. This amazing saltwater lure has one of the most aggressive actions to attract some of the biggest saltwater species. Its colorful looks and swift motions are vital in attracting predator fish to strike.

This lure is designed with strong and durable hooks to ensure that your catch doesn't escape. Its sinking ability is also excellent, although it doesn't fully sink to the bottom. In other words, it floats nicely so you can either troll or cast it. This lure holds well and will up your chances of catching some sumptuous mackerel or bonitos. In essence, this lure is perfect when using lightweight tackle, the X-Rap Slashbait will add extreme fun to your saltwater fishing escapade, let alone the fact that it's quite affordable.

Standout Features

  • ‍It's hand-tuned and time-tested
  • It looks like a 4-inch silver-blue mackerel
  • It's structured with Perma steel 3 hooks
  • It has holographic eyes and a properly-detailed body pattern

4. Heddon Super Spook Jr. Saltwater Lure

Heddon Super Spook Jr. Saltwater Lure
Heddon Super Spook Jr. Saltwater Lure

One of the bestselling topwater lures, the Heddon Super Spook Jr. is a sure way to attract both saltwater and freshwater gamefish. It has an action of an injured baitfish and having it at the end of your line will offer you amazing results. It's structured with tough and high-quality materials that are strong and durable. Its sharp size 4 hooks are functional and are resilient, especially when the fish bites.

This lure has rugged lines that make it purposeful and perfect for saltwater conditions. More importantly, it is structured to be highly visible and noisy. For better results, use a double loop knot with an 8-10lb test line.

Standout Features

  • ‍Can attract all types of gamefish species
  • One of the bestselling saltwater lures
  • It makes high-pitched noise to attract fish
  • It's easy to cast and retrieve
  • It mimics an injured baitfish
  • It's available in a wide range of colors and styles

5. Heddon Chug'N Spook

Heddon Chug'N Spook
Heddon Chug'N Spook

The Chug'N Spook is another amazingly effective saltwater lure from Heddon. It's designed to make high-pitched noise that will get the big saltwater fish excited and attracted to your line. As a topwater lure, the shake and rattle sound will ensure that even bottom feeders are lured to come to the surface for the bite. This lure can also emulate an injured baitfish and is perfect for the "walk the dog" movement.

Do not be surprised that many saltwater anglers swear by it. When using this lure, you won't have problems luring the big saltwater fish to go for the bite. It is reasonably priced and should be a must-have in your saltwater tackle box. This is perhaps the finest topwater walk-the-dog lure for the last five decades. Its cupped mouth expels water to make it realistic, which is hypnotizing and irresistible to predator fish.

Standout Features

  • ‍It's reasonably priced
  • It's perfect for "Walk The Dog" fishing technique
  • Its high-pitched noise will attract fish to your line
  • It's ideal for catching big prey fish

6. Sea Striker SURF Spoon

Sea Striker SURF Spoon
Sea Striker SURF Spoon

Metallic spoons remain a staple in saltwater fishing thanks to their efficiency, durability, and reliability. The Sea Striker Surf Spoon is a large metallic saltwater spoon that resembles most saltwater baitfish. This makes it an incredible lure to attract several big fish in the ocean.

Made of high-quality materials and craftsmanship, the Sea Striker is top-rated and has reflective colors to attract fish. Its long-casting ability, quality design, and ability to attract fish makes it a great choice. This is an economical and effective saltwater lure that has an aerodynamic teardrop sputnik surf sinkers that can easily sink in the sand.

Standout Features

  • ‍Provides a lot of disturbance in the water
  • Works best for bluefish at night
  • It's a heavyweight but is the most versatile in all currents
  • It has an excellent action

7. Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow Floating Lure

Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow Floating Lure
Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow Floating Lure

This is another versatile and hugely popular lure among saltwater surf fishers. This is a high-quality gear that has an internal 3D prism to capture fish's attention. This feature is structured to reflect light even in low-light conditions.

Thanks to its versatility, you can successfully use it with various fishing methods such as retrieve and pause, twitch-retrieve-pause, as well as slow to moderate retrieve fishing methods. It has a superb erratic side-to-side swimming action that makes it easy to attract game fish. The fact that the lure weighs 14 ounces makes it appropriate to cast out farther. It's available in 13 colors, durable, and made with high-quality materials.

Standout Features

  • ‍It has a rattle ball sound system
  • It comes with an international patented internal 3D prism
  • Its tin hooks are saltwater-graded
  • It comes with stainless steel rings
  • It's made of tough and durable ABS resin material
  • It's highly detailed and has a lifelike design

8. Diamond Jigs Ahi Assault

Diamond Jigs Ahi Assault
Diamond Jigs Ahi Assault

Diamond jigs have been around for over a century. This jig was first made out of whalebone and has been perfected as a deadly saltwater lure. It has been successful in catching everything from tuna to rockfish thanks to its full circle rings, a metallic body, and strong hooks.

This lure will be more deadly if you use a hanging strip of squid off the hook before throwing it out on the water. It comes with a 3D holographic reflective finish, as well as an assault pattern that looks like fish scales to give a more realistic presentation. That's not all; the same feature helps in protecting the lure's paint from flaking and chipping. It also has glowing eyes that give it a real-life look of fish prey. These glowing eyes will also ensure that the lure gets noticed even in low light conditions or murky waters.

In essence, Diamond jigs is a superb saltwater lure that can catch just about every game fish in the ocean such as Halibut, tuna, rockfish, cod, bluefish, striped bass, king mackerel, snapper, and many more.

Standout Features

  • ‍It's very durable
  • It's been tested for centuries
  • Made with high-quality material
  • It's designed with a state-of-the-art 3D holographic finish

9. SPRO Bucktail Saltwater Lure

SPRO Bucktail Saltwater Lure
SPRO Bucktail Saltwater Lure

SPRO Bucktail is one of the top-rated saltwater lures in the game. It is constructed with a highly durable body and has ultra-sharp Gamakatsu hooks attached. The holographic body, bulging eyes, and head are articulated with a luxurious color fabrication that gives it a lifelike illusion that will attract your target fish.

This lure will give you a practical fishing process that doesn't hang or fall into the water. Instead, it perfectly glides through the water when tagged or pulled. This lure is effective in maintaining the parallel motion just like actual live bait. With this lure, you'll have plenty of walleyes and big bass if you use it in freshwater and even more saltwater species such as fluke and weakfish. Use the SPRO Bucktail saltwater lure and you'll never switch to another saltwater brand. It's available in a wide range of sizes to make it easier for your fishing needs.

Standout Features

  • ‍It has ultra-sharp Gamakatsu hooks
  • It's made with strong and durable material
  • It's ideal for both fresh and saltwater
  • Its body, eyes, and head design gives it a realistic appearance
  • It doesn't fall or hang like other lures

10. Hopkins 550FY Hammered Spoon

Hopkins 550FY Hammered Spoon
Hopkins 550FY Hammered Spoon

In addition to having the action of a traditional spoon, the Hopkins 550FY is a lovely saltwater spoon that has a bold hammered finish that looks like real fish. This lure has a real-life swimming action that will attract your target fish to your line. The Hopkins 550FY is made with stainless steel parts to make it more durable.

You can either choose red and white hues that have baked epoxy finish as they work great in saltwater. It is a great lure for catching a variety of saltwater species such as bluefish and salmon. Try trolling this lure on a deep wireline and you may have the biggest grouper in your line.

Standout Features

  • ‍It's available in a variety of sizes and colors to make it versatile
  • It can help reduce trolling drag and is perfect for medium or slow trolling
  • It's structured with a super-strong hook

How to Choose a Perfect Saltwater Lure

Choosing the best saltwater fishing lure for your next fishing trip is never an easy task. Go to your local tackle shop and you'll be overwhelmed by the huge options in the display. But because the type of saltwater fishing lure you use matters, you should know how to choose the best saltwater fishing lure.

Here is how to choose a perfect saltwater lure.


It is of great importance to look at the effectiveness of saltwater fishing lure before you put your money on it. Ask yourself, is it effective or not? Research and read the reviews written by fellow anglers on the lure. A great place to start is online. You can look at the best saltwater lures for that particular year and find out whether the type of lure you're interested in is listed or not.

You'll, of course, notice a particular trend regarding what other anglers are saying about this lure. If the reviews are positive in terms of effectiveness, this could be a good sign.


Even though most saltwater lures are affordable, it makes a lot of sense to look at the durability of a particular lure before spending your money on it. Is it durable enough to serve you for a long time or is it made from materials that will break apart after one or two fishing trips?

It's, therefore, important to make sure that the lure you choose is made of the right materials. Make sure that the lure doesn't corrode given that you'll be fishing in saltwater. The thing is to go for lures that are made of plastic or stainless steel. It's also important to ensure that the lure is crash and bite resistant for added security. You certainly don't want to lose your lure and fish just because the fish gulped your bait and glided away unscathed.


Needless to say, visibility is an integral part of a good saltwater fishing lure. The idea here is that a more visible lure will easily captivate and attract fish to go for the bite. A visible lure increases your chances of getting more bites. When it comes to visibility, it's advisable to go for saltwater lures that are designed with bold and vivid color patterns. A crucial part of visibility also revolves around the design of the lure.

In other words, the lure should be designed to look exactly like the baitfish that your target is likely to eat in their natural environment. This means that you should take a keen interest in the size of the lure, the color, and how visible the lure is.

Ease of Use

The most important thing on any given fishing trip is the ability to enjoy the trip. This is perhaps more important than even catching fish. When choosing a perfect saltwater lure, it's important to go for something that will give you tranquility, relaxation, as well as lots of fish. These features revolve around how easy it is to use the lure.

It's, therefore, essential that you choose a lure that's easy to set, use, and retrieve. You certainly do not want something that will nudge and drag your lines, or even rip through your bait. The fact that you'll be fishing in a natural habitat should influence your decision to use a lure that is natural and similar to any baitfish in your fishing environment. Make sure that you can easily position your lure in a manner that will easily attract your targeted fish and this can only happen if the lure you choose has ease of use as one of its main features.

Motion Control

Any game fish will be attracted to a baitfish that looks exactly like their natural baitfish. Simply put, choose a saltwater lure that is designed not just to have a real-life swimming action but also to look exactly like the natural baitfish.

Weight and Size

As we've noted a couple of times, the weight and size of the lure are important features in saltwater lures. Keep in mind that heavy lures are designed to work well underwater so the weight you go for should depend on the depth that you're planning to fish at. On the other hand, lighter lures are perfect for topwater or shallow waters, so choose a lighter saltwater lure if you're planning to fish at the surface.

Bottom Line

This article is a little long but it will be of great importance for your saltwater fishing escapades. You'll come to appreciate it in the long run as it lists the best saltwater fishing lures. We can confidently note that each option here is a quality choice that should never miss in your tackle box.

Keep in mind that their uses may vary depending on your location, condition, fishing rods, and, of course, the type of fish you're targeting. At the end of the day, there's no one-lure-fits-all solution, so having a variety in your tackle box is the best thing to do. No matter what works best for you, just have various saltwater lures to give you a wide variety of options.

All in all, the above-described saltwater lures are efficient, sturdy, well-designed, durable, and will increase your chances of landing ‘em big saltwater species! They're pocket-friendly and should never miss in your tackle box.