August 4, 2020

10 Best Lumbar Waist Packs for Hiking

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As the traditional backpack, with it's awkward weight distribution, has fallen out of style, it has been overshadowed in the market by the fanny pack, or waist pack.

With it's compact and efficient design that poses less strain on your spine, waist packs, and especially those providing extra lumbar support, have become increasingly popular with outdoorsmen of all stature, and especially hikers.

However, given the vast amount of competing lumbar waist packs on the market, it can be hard to figure out what the best one is for you.

Lumbar waist packs come at all different prices, and the difference in price may be due to increased comfort, increased durability, increased storage, or a mix of all of the above. Depending on your needs and your comfort level, you might vastly favor one lumbar waist pack over another. Regardless of what you're looking for, there is certainly a lumbar waist pack on the market that will fit your needs perfectly.

It's hard to definitively say what the best lumbar waist pack on the market is, as all of them provide a slightly different experience for the user. There are many great lumbar waist packs on the market with a multitude of features at varying price points.

In this article, we'll be taking a look at 10 of the best lumbar waist packs currently available for hiking, with links to listings on Amazon. Once you've finished reading, you'll definitely have a better idea of what type of lumbar waist pack will suit you best, and you might even find the exact right one for you!

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The 10 Best Lumbar Waist Packs for Hiking

Bp Vision Outdoor Fanny Pack

This lumbar pack from Bp Vision provides plenty of lumbar support while also providing an ample amount of storage space. You can carry everything you need in the enclosed pouches and there are even holders for two separate water bottles or Thermoses. A hefty amount of breathable mesh padding helps provide unlimited comfort for your waist while the adjustable shoulder and waist straps help distribute the weight evenly throughout your entire body. With this thing around your waist, even at its fullest capacity, you'll feel like you're carrying practically nothing at all.

It is constructed from durable nylon, so you don't have to worry too much about wear and tear. It has five separate pockets with high-quality zippers for maximum protection. There are three different wear styles, including the traditional around-the-waist style, slung over the shoulder, or traditional backpack style over both shoulders. Regardless of how you wear it, this thing provides lightweight and durable transportation for all your basic outdoor necessities.

It's available in six different colors, including black, blue, green, orange, red, and purple. Each style variant currently goes for the same price on Amazon. If you're in the market for a durable and lightweight lumbar waist pack that comes in a variety of styles, this is a great option for you.

Sierra Designs Flex Lumbar Waist Pack

While this lumbar waist pack from Sierra Designs is a good deal pricier than most of the competition, you're going to be getting maximum comfort and durability for the increased price. Made with 100D nylon-poly material, this pack will hold up to a good deal of wear and tear while also providing padded support for your waist. On top of this, a large main storage compartment and two external water bottle holders help round out the available storage, ensuring that you've got room for all of the things you need.

This pack provides the ultimate mix of padding and storage for those in need of high-end lumbar support. As far as providing storage and comfort out on a hike, this thing spares no expense. However, the increased price tag when compared to some other lumbar packs may mean the average consumer might have some setbacks about sparing the expenses necessary to purchase it.

There is a higher-end and bigger model with nearly twice the storage for an only 50% increase in price, selling for $74.95 currently on Amazon. For those who need to store a great deal of contents without it destroying your back, this increased volume model might prove a necessary investment on those long and strenuous hikes. This bigger model is linked in the same listing under style variants.

cglm Hiking Fanny Pack

This hiking fanny pack from cglm is made with water-resistant nylon, meaning it can keep it's contents dry in both high amounts of sweat and high amounts of rain. If you anticipate bringing your lumbar pack into intense weather, having a pack that is made of water-resistant fabric is a must. On top of it's materials, this pack also offers a hefty amount of storage room at a pretty reasonable price.

This thing provides all the basic storage that you could expect from a waist pack, including two main zippered compartments and a holder for your water bottle or Thermos. There is also an extra hidden compartment along the belt meant for hiding your valuables just in case of an emergency.

While this pack doesn't provide as much padding as some others, it provides just enough to keep you comfortable and supported on an average hike. The real selling point here is the water-resistant material and the reasonable amount of storage for the price point. There may be more impressive lumbar waist packs on the market, but this one offers you a durable and succinct package that won't break the bank.

This pack is available in blue, red, and black, though the black variant costs a few dollars more as of the time of this writing. Any way you cut it, this is a reasonable lumbar waist pack that will get the job done. It is perfect for those in rainy climates due to the water-resistant material used in it's construction.

PRSTN MTB Fanny Pack

This lumbar-supporting fanny pack from PRSTN provides plenty of durability, padding, and storage. Made with 210D water-resistant fabric, this thing will keep your belongings safe and secure on even the most adventurous journeys. As well, luxurious padding means that your waist won't be harmed in the process, even when the ample storage room is utilized to its fullest degree.

As far as storage, this thing has a massive main compartment plus the standard water bottle or Thermos holder on the side. It's hard to imagine wanting to bring along more on a hike than this thing could hold in it's main compartment alone. However, the most impressive feature of this lumbar pack is the padding itself, which makes it feel like you are carrying nothing but air. Although advertised primarily as a mountain biking lumbar pack, this thing would prove just as useful, if not even more useful, on a hike.

This pack comes in only one style, a sleek and solid black design that speaks to the minimalism of the pack itself. This thing doesn't try to do anything excessive, it simply aims to provide maximum support and storage on strenuous journeys. While the Sierra Designs Lumbar Waist Pack may provide slightly more comfort, the difference is almost negligible, and the decreased price point here means this one may appeal to more potential buyers.

FTMMM Fanny Pack Running Waist Pack

This lumbar fanny pack from FTMMM was made with running in mind, so it's a bit more lightweight and breathable than some of the other lumbar packs found on this list. However, it doesn't provide quite as much padding and storage as them, either. Still, it is a very durable and lightweight pack that shouldn't be written off, especially if you're going to be wearing it while out on a jog.

This pack can be worn in multiple styles, including around your waist or slung over your shoulder. The adjustable straps provide nearly unlimited ways to wear the pack, so you can find a way that's comfortable for you, personally. There are five separate small compartments, including a hidden compartment for your valuables. As well, there is a holder for your water bottle or Thermos.

One unique feature this lumbar pack has that many others don't is a hole for your headphones to fit through. That means that you can keep your smartphone for other devices safe inside the pack and still be able to listen to music on your headphones. If you're the type of person who enjoys listening to your favorite music when going for a hike or a run, this feature might appeal to you.

TOP-UP Water Resistant Fanny Pack

While this fanny pack from TOP-UP doesn't provide all that much storage, it's a great budget option for those hikers looking for just a little bit of storage and lumbar support. This is a scaled-back endeavor on nearly all fronts, providing both the minimum level of support and the minimum level of storage and protection. However, for many hikers, this limited amount may be all you need.

For the price, TOP-UP offers a very reasonable package here that will suit many hikers fairly well. The pack is made with water-resistant fabric, though it is not durable enough to hold up to massive amounts of wear-and-tear. Still, it will hold up under mild conditions, and most hikers prefer to stay in mild conditions for the most part, anyways.

This pack features just a few small zippered compartments, so you won't have room for everything you could possibly imagine. If you like to pack light, though, this may be the perfect pack for you. It comes in three different colors, including black, green, and blue. The blue one is actually a dollar cheaper currently on Amazon, which makes this pack even more of an incredible value.

At the end of the day, if you're looking for a simple lumbar pack that will serve its function without costing too much, you won't be able to do much better than this one. Just remember that you aren't going to have a whole lot of room.


This fanny pack from WATERFLY represents another very balanced option for middle-of-the-road consumers who want the perfect balance of storage and lumbar support at a reasonable price point. This balanced aspect is even mirrored in the pack's symmetrical design, featuring a simple and distinguished main compartment sandwiched by two water bottle holders. Inside the storage compartment is plenty of room for all your accessories, held in a nice and solid zippered design.

On top of it's storage, this pack provides a good deal of padding and some nice breathability that should provide plenty of comfort on even the longest of hikes. Besides the main storage compartment, there are few other storage compartments, as well. In terms of both storage and lumbar support, this thing provides more than the bare minimum but still falls slightly short of some of the more expensive options.

This pack can be worn around the waist or over the shoulder and either way it's very comfortable. With fairly exceptional storage, padding, and versatility of use, this pack should stand above the rest for many in need of good support and storage on their hikes. It's also available in over 15 different color variants, so if you're into having things personalized to your specific tastes, this may be the lumbar pack for you.

HEYLIFE Waist Fanny Pack

This strange and stylish little lumbar pack from HEYLIFE is another great middle-of-the-road option, this time skewing on the slightly cheaper side. As a budget pack, it provides a good amount of both durability and storage while also providing breathability and comfort. As well, it's unique, colorful, and compact design may stand out to fashion-conscious consumers.

While the lower price point doesn't mean you're going to be getting any less comfort or support, it does mean you're going to be getting a little bit less storage. This thing isn't very big, and it won't be able to store as much as some of its competition, even in the same price bracket. However, this lack of storage is more than made up for in the overall level of comfort and ease-of-use afforded to the wearer.

This is a very versatile and durable little pack that will hold up over the years despite its budget pricing. If you're the kind of hiker who likes to pack light, then this lumbar pack might be the ideal one for you. With a high amount of durability and comfort at a low price point, this is definitely a pack that will appeal to a wide range of buyers.

CXWMZY Waist Pack Bag

This pack from CXWMZY doesn't provide much lumbar support, but it does provide a great deal of storage in an incredibly durable package. As well, it does so for a price point that falls well below a lot of the competition. If you don't mind slightly decreased padding and comfort in exchange for a good deal of storage and durability, this may be a great option for you.

Made with 1200D polyester, you aren't going to find a tougher pack on this list. Sadly, you aren't going to find a tougher pack to wear, either. Not that this thing is incredibly uncomfortable by any means, but the lack of padding does show on lengthy hikes. Still, it is fairly lightweight- you just begin to notice it after a while. For those with severe back problems, this likely isn't going to be the pack for you.

For what it does, offer, though, this is certainly one of the best packs available at the price point. If durability is your concern, it's actually one of the best waist packs available at any price point. Just remember that the increased durability is going to come at the expense of your comfort, and that might make this one a hard sell for those in need of extreme support.

EGOGO Travel Sport Waist Pack

This sporty waist pack from EGOGO is compact, durable, and water-resistant. Being that it is compact, however, it doesn't provide an insane level of storage. For the price, though, you're getting a solid level of both comfort and protection that will hold up well on your hikes.

Available in six different colors, this simple little pack will likely go unnoticed for the majority of your hike, being so small and light that it might as well not be there. However, it is there, and it's solid and durable design will ensure that all your belongings stay protected, even in the light rain.

While it doesn't offer much that other packs don't, it does what it sets out to do very well. This thing won't provide you with unlimited storage, but it will carry the bare necessities and will also provide the maximum level of comfort, protection, and support. Compared to other waist packs in the price range, this one definitely might appeal to those who like to travel light and tend to enjoy walking out in the rain.

10 Best Lumbar Waist Packs for Hiking

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