Best Fishing Forecast Apps

Fishing used to be a guessing game and mostly luck. But with these high-tech fishing forecast apps, you can predict the best spots to fish time after time.

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Fishing used to be a guessing game and mostly luck. But with these high-tech fishing forecast apps, you can predict the best spots to fish time after time.

The best fishing forecast apps are FishTrack, Pro Angler, Fishidy, ANGLR, and FishBrain. These apps are all free to download, and each has a premium upgrade available for additional ad-free features.

In this article, we’ll review five of the best fishing and fishing forecast apps that are free to download on iOS and Android devices. Additionally, we’ll cover the features that make a fishing app stand out and why each of these programs can dramatically improve your chances of finding the best fishing spots.

We sourced app specifications directly from its webpage and performed tests to determine user experience, reliability, and function.

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What is a Fishing Forecast App?

Fishing forecast apps perform a few important functions for anglers, especially those who fish in new areas.

These programs gather data about the weather, temperatures, and seasonal data to help determine when the best time is to go fishing. They can also help you predict what to wear, how long to stay on the water, and when to show up or pack it in for the day.

Fishing forecast apps are useful because they provide valuable information all in one place. Additionally, it can help you predict where and when the fish are biting and increase your chances of catching the kind of fish you want in greater quantities.

Are Fishing Forecast Apps Free?

Fishing forecast apps are usually free, but some of the best are paid. More often, the basic features of a fishing forecast app will be unlocked in the free version, but for a few dollars, you can upgrade for an ad-free experience or add extra premium features.

Generally speaking, you can access the majority of the useful information in the free version of the app. You’ll need to upgrade for some of the more specific details, but many people find it’s more than worth a few extra dollars here and there.

Can Fishing Forecast Apps Help Locate Fish?

Fishing forecast apps won’t guarantee you’ll catch more fish. They don’t monitor fish or take live readings of the fish themselves. Instead, they map out the conditions that are known to encourage fish in certain areas.

Most people would agree that showing up to the right place at the right time will increase the likelihood of catching fish. The whole point of a fighting forecast app is to help you predict where the fish will be and to help you come prepared for what you might encounter.

What Makes a Great Fishing Forecast App?

Every fishing forecast app is different, but the best programs have a few things in common. For one, they’re designed specifically for anglers—not for other sportsmen. This is a plus because all of the design and features go into helping you locate fish.

Additionally, all of the best fishing forecast apps have different information for different locations. Most apps use location services and update forecasts based on where you are, and some allow you to view information for a pre-set location as well.

The best fishing forecast apps utilize accurate weather data and provide you with the type of information you need. This information includes mapping, weather information, logging capabilities, and water conditions.

Best Fishing Forecast Apps for Anglers

There are dozens of fishing apps on the iOS and Android store, and their features vary widely. We tested several popular apps for user-friendliness, features, and overall accuracy. Here are five of the best free and paid fishing forecast apps.

1. FishTrack App

Deep-sea fishing can be particularly challenging—not the least due to the vastness of the ocean, but also the huge variety of fish in it. The FishTrack app is an excellent resource for deep-sea fishing, and it provides you with lots of useful information to assist in your fish finding.

The FishTrack app comes with everything you’d expect a fishing forecast program to have. This includes sea temperature monitoring, which is an important predictive tool for both seasonal fishing and finding fish. It also tracks the weather, which is imperative when fishing offshore.

Additionally, it features chlorophyll level monitoring, bathymetric data, tide charts, and moon phase charts. The app uses high-definition cloud-free imaging, which makes finding the best place to fish easily regardless of the weather or atmospheric conditions.

FishTrack is GPS-enabled, which allows you to essentially drop a pin offshore to save your best fishing spots and revisit them later. The app relies on cellular data, but it also has offline-accessible features such as saved chart imagery. This allows you to pre-load important data onshore and utilize it without cell service.

The FishTrack app is available free, and there’s a $14.99 premium upgrade that gives you additional features such as better imagery.

2. Pro Angler App

Pro Angler is one of the best and most feature-packed fish and fishing forecast apps around, and it has its very own fishing databases. This app is an all-in-one fishing tool that’s used by thousands of novice and professional fishermen around the country.

The Pro Angler app is loaded with useful features and information. For example, it includes a smart solar and lunar charting system that predicts when the best times to fish in your area are. It also includes customized information based on specific types of fish, which you can select either “in season” or otherwise.

The Pro Angler app utilizes actual fishing data from fishermen on the ground. There’s a feature that allows you to see what kind of fish are biting at the moment and in your area, along with what other fishermen have caught recently. This information is submitted in real-time, which can help you find the good spots before everyone else gets there.

The Pro Angler app is a great navigational tool both on the water and on the road. The app lists the best local spots to fish and buy fishing gear, such as line, rods, reels, tackle, and bait. It also features boat ramps, which are often hard to find using traditional avenues.

The Pro Angler app is free with ads, but you can upgrade to premium for $9.99 per month to enjoy a host of additional features.

3. Fishidy App

Fishidy is another extremely popular and highly-rated fishing forecast app, and it has one of the largest databases of fishing holes and waterways of any program on the market. It offers full fishing forecasts for individual locations and also has additional features for both salt and freshwater fishing.

Fishidy covers nearly 30,000 marked fishing spots—and one or more is sure to be close by when you’re on a fishing trip. Additionally, it allows users to map out their fishing holes and see where other fishermen are catching fish. This information is unavailable to others without the app, so you can get a good head-start when the fish are biting.

Anglers rate the app highly thanks to its features and excellent usability. The Fishidy app features numerous technical tools, including weather mapping, bathymetric mapping, tidal information, and underwater mapping.

The app is equal parts social network and fishing forecast program, making it the perfect bridge between fishing with others and finding the perfect spot for yourself.

The Fishidy app is available for free download. Many of the features are unlocked, though serious anglers can get the premium version for just $9.99 per month.

4. ANGLR App

The ANGLR app is an increasingly popular fishing forecast app that makes it easy to plan your trip and get the predictive information you need. ANGLR is an advanced app that prioritizes user experience and on-the-go usability, which is a huge plus if you’re trying to get out on the water as soon as possible.

Using the app is easy. Simply turn on-location services, head to your destination, and hit the start button. From there, the app will automatically gather all of the important information you need and display it. This information includes weather, water temperature, tide information, and local tips about the spot.

The ANGLR app, like many others, allows users to submit information about fishing conditions, locations, and the fish they catch. This allows you to help the community and benefit from specific updates that can only come from someone who has been there.

The maps on the ANGLR app are high-resolution and easy to use. They feature layered filters such as storm and cloud cover, water temperature, and you can view trends to predict where it’s best to spend the most time. You can mark individual fishing spots and catches using the GPS function and return to them when the conditions are the same as when you dropped the pin.

The ANGLR app is free on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, and additional features are available if you upgrade to a premium account.

5. FishBrain

FishBrain is the world’s most popular fishing forecast app, and it has some of the best data on the market. The app has over 13 million users, which contributes an enormous amount of information to its fishing databases to help you find the best spots.

The FishBrain app is for saltwater and freshwater fishing, and it covers thousands of local spots and major fishing holes. The app features advanced functionality and high-resolution graphics, making it easy to navigate and interpret information. Plus, it saves your maps and locations when you mark a catch, allowing you to return to the same location for more.

The FishBrain app includes numerous features, such as a map with optional layers for your favorite fishing locations, launch ramps, water temperature, and even water depth. Each map is unique, which means you’ll get accurate data regardless of the location you choose. It also has a “Nearby Spots” function, allowing you to check out fishing locations that you may have never known about.

In addition to its many in-app functions, such as weather and temperature information, the FishBrain app is home to a massive fishing social network that’s a great place to ask questions, learn new skills, share your catch, and contribute to the community. There’s also a web app function to help you find the best local fishing holes.

The FishBrain app is free, and there’s a $5.99 per month premium plan available to unlock additional features.


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