October 26, 2020

10 Best Camping Pillows

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If you're a camper who values lightweight accessories that don't take up too much room when you're out on the go, you've likely encountered the vast array of camping pillows available at outdoors shops. While all of these pillows aim to be the best of their kind, not all of them are perfect for campers of all demographics. While some of these pillows provide an increased amount of comfort, some may provide more portability, and vice-versa. As well, some of these pillows may aim to provide a more perfect balance between the two.

Whatever type of camper you are, this article is for you. We've taken a look at several of the most popular portable camping pillows on the market and compared them to see how they fare against each other for campers from all walks of life. Whether you're a camper who values his comfort, or a survivalist camper who prefers to take life on the hard way, there is a travel pillow for you in this list.

There are many different types of camping pillows that have been designed to suit campers from all different demographics. Some offer the utmost in portability, while others offer the utmost in comfort. As well, all of these different types of camping pillows are available at all different price points, with some pillows being more or less suited for those campers who need to fit within a budget. Whatever type of camper you are, we hope that somewhere on this list you can find the exact right travel pillow for your specific needs!

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10 Best Camping Pillows

Gear Doctors Anti-Slip Ultralight Inflatable Camping Pillow

From Gear Doctors, this is a camping pillow that keeps both ease-of-use and comfort equally at the forefront of it's design. Available in both teal and blue, this inflatable camping pillow can be made to accommodate campers of any gender, and is comfortable enough to match the majority of the competition in the same price point.

One of the greatest aspects of this inflatable camping pillow is it's immense portability. Although it can provide all the comfort that most campers may require, it can be made to fit into a space just about the size and volume of a soda can. With it's unique inflatable design, this camping pillow can provide an immense amount of comfort to the backpacker or hiker with minimal hassle

On top of it's incredible portability, this camping pillow offers a number of other unique features that could make it stand out to a variety of campers. It features a great ergonomic design hat makes it better accommodate those campers with wider head sizes. As well, it's double anti-slip technology means that this pillow can be held in a variety of different positions without slipping.

MalloMe Inflatable Camping Travel Pillow

This incredibly versatile and easy-to-use inflatable travel pillow from MalloMe is the perfect camping accessory for campers who need to pack lightly first and foremost. With it's exceptionally portable design, this inflatable pillow can be taken along on even the lightest excursions with minimal hassle, guaranteeing that campers from all walks of life have a great amount of comfort when it comes time to rest.

The thing that makes this inflatable camping pillow stand out from the majority of the competition is that it utilizes memory foam. For those who have never used memory foam in their home furnishing, it is an exceptionally comfortable and durable material that allows for the softest and most luxurious nighttime sleeps. With the unique mix of memory foam materials and it's inflatable design, this inflatable travel pillow offers campers a great deal of comfort for an incredibly reasonable price.

On top of it's unique memory foam design, this pillow is adjustable, meaning it can offer campers a versatile amount of comfort to fit a wide range of needs. Whether you need hard or soft support during your sleep, this pillow can give you what you're looking for.

Camping Pillow with Compressible Memory-Foam

From Outbright, here's another camping pillow that utilizes memory foam technology to offer campers the most comfort for their dollar. However, this pillow isn't deflatable, meaning that it can't shrink down to the same size as some of the competition. Still, it proposes an incredibly soft and portable solution for the average camper, and certainly shouldn't be cast aside when it comes to finding an exceptionally soft and portable camping pillow.

With it's ergonomic and orthopedic design, this camping pillow is definitely an option that should be considered for those with sleeping issues, or anyone who needs an exceptionally comfy sleep out on-the-go. While it may pose more of a burden when hiking than inflatable camping pillows, it is still incredibly compact, and offers enough comfort that it shouldn't be overlooked for those with more intensive spinal needs.

While this pillow isn't deflatable, that doesn't mean that it isn't portable and easy to carry around! This pillow can be compacted to an incredibly easy size that you can easily carry around with you, and it will still pose you all of the comfort that you need at exactly the time when you require it!

Wolf Walker Ultralight Inflatable Camping Travel Pillow

This inflatable camping pillow from Wolf Walker offers an incredibly reasonable and durable package for the portable camper who prefers a cheap and succinct option. Although it doesn't offer memory foam technology, it offers a lot of padding that is sure to please those on a budget. As well, it offers it for a very reasonable price, meaning this may be the go-to option for campers on a budget.

The main selling point of this camping pillow is that it is both lightweight and portable enough to be of use on most camping expeditions while still being reasonably priced enough for campers on a budget. Whether your budget is small or you just don't need a little more luxury than the next camper, this camping pillow offers you a great budget option that won't break the bank.

Despite it's low price point and incredible ease-of-use, this pillow offers a pretty hefty amount of comfort that is both Inflatable to the specific comfort point of the user and easily deflatable enough to make portability easy. From any perspective, this pillow offers a tremendous amount of feasibility for campers who don't want to be weighed down.

TREKOLOGY Ultralight Inflatable Camping Travel Pillow

Here's another great economical and ergonomic entry from TREKOLOGY. While this pillow doesn't offer memory foam support, it does offer inflatable and portable support on-the-go. As well, it offers it for a price that makes it an incredibly feasible option for campers on a budget!

With it's proprietary dot-and-latch design, this portable and inflatable camping pillow offers an incredible amount of comfort for an incredibly reasonable value. It is compact enough that it can fit along on even the most limiting road trips and backpacking trips, and it's ergonomical design means it can provide comfort for even the most demanding camper!

While there are certainly more extravagant options available, this is a great option for campers on a budget. It provides a great amount of comfort and portability for all lifestyles. As well, it does so while coming in at a very reasonable price point!

innoAura Ultralight Inflatable Camping Pillow

From innoAura, this ultralight, compressible, and inflatable camping pillow can't be beat when it comes to it's incredible reasonable value. While it doesn't necessarily excel in any one category, it provides a great amount of comfort for campers on a budget. As well, it offers it all in an incredibly portable and durable package!

As with similar camping pillows at the same price point, this camping pillow offers both comfort and versatility, It provides an ergonomic design with slip-resistant technology that allows versatility of use. As well, it does so while coming at an exceptionally reasonable price point.

WildHorn Sage Ultralight Inflatable Camping Pillow

Here's an upper-tier camping pillow from WildHorn that provides both a good amount of comfort and a good amount of durability for campers who need a succinct and portable pillow for when they're on-the-go. While it isn't quite as portable as some other options, and not quite as comfortable, it provides a great middle-of-the-road option that offers a balanced amount of portability and comfort.

As compared to some cheaper options, this pillow provides memory foam comfort for when you're on-the-go. As well, it provides it with enough portability that you will be able to take this pillow with you on backpacking trips. However, it's still not quite as portable as some other budget options on this list.

Still, where this pillow excels is in it's balance of comfort and feasibility. It is a good deal more comfortable than some of the budget options, cheaper than the higher-tier options, and still portable enough that it is perfect for hikers and campers of all demographics. If you need an exceptionally comfortable pillow that you can take on the go, this may be the option for you.

Hikenture Camping Pillow with Removable Cover

Here's a great and durable camping pillow that won't break the bank, and it even comes with it's own portable cover! While it's not inflatable, and that does mean it will take up a little bit more room, it offers a great amount of comfort, and even comes with it's own portable cover!

While this pillow isn't the most portable, it may as well be the most comfortable. With plenty of quality in the stitching, and a vast amount of comfort in it's padding, this is a pillow that sacrifices no amount of quality in it's portability. Still, it is very easy to carry along with you, and even more easy to protect thanks to it's included cover.

This certainly isn't the best option for those looking to pack lightly, but it may be the best option for those who value comfort first and foremost. It may take up a little bit more room in your luggage, but the amount of comfort it affords will more than make up for that slightly increased capacity. As well, it's durability will mean that it can hold up on long trips.

TETON Sports ComfortLite Self-Inflating Pillow

From TETON, this self-inflating travel pillow offers a great amount of portability and durability, and will even self-inflate when it comes time to catch that much-needed rest. While this does mean that it's not quite as compact as some other options, the amount of comfort it offers is impressive, and it's durable and portable enough that backpackers may prefer it to the competition.

With it's microfiber surface, this is a durable travel pillow that shouldn't be underwritten. As well, it's padding and comfort is comparable to any other travel pillow at the price point, offering a great amount of portability and padding. However, it's not too exceptional in either regard, instead offering a more middle-of-the-road option.

While this certainly isn't the pillow for those who value lightweight packing the most, it is a great and comfortable travel pillow for those who like a lot of padding, and who don't want to carry along an extra pump. This self-inflating camping pillow can provide all the comfort you need with no pump required.

SUITEDNOMAD Inflatable PIllow for Camping and Backpacking

Here's another great budget option that is inflatable and easy-to-carry while not posing too big of a burden on the wallet. While it certainly isn't as comfortable as some of the competition, it provides more than enough support, and does so while coming in at an incredibly reasonable price point.

As with other notable entries on this list, this pillow is inflatable, meaning it can deflate and be carried along easily on longer trips. While this means it doesn't provide as great of an amount of comfort as some other entries, it is portable and reasonable enough that it may stand out to the right camper.

10 Best Camping Pillows

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